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The Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC; French: Centre d'analyse des opérations et déclarations financières du Canada) is the national financial intelligence agency of Canada. FINTRAC was established in 2000 under the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) Act to facilitate detection and investigation of money laundering, FINTRAC's mandate was expanded in December.

A former employee said this in a review: "Working at Fintrac means you are going to work too many hours for lack of leadership. Don't do it."


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Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Working with hungry people was a difficult encounter especially on the selection process. All people will be expecting to be registered for the Food Aid. So it was challenging for me and the team to come up with the actual defined CRS food aid beneficiary who should be a vulnerable resident of the community. This is because most people would falsely give their income thresholds and wealth. Cons: We could work up to 12 hours a day"

Former Contractor - Anonymous Contractor says

"I worked at Fintrac for less than a year Cons: I was working on a contract and then interviewed for a full-time position. The offer they gave me was below the poverty level for DC . Management and supervisors need to rethink their compensation structure for entry level staff. I subsequently took a job at one of their competitors that offered me $15k more and way better growth opportunities. - Below average pay - Sometimes the atmosphere was more play than work, particularly for more senior staff - Lead of the division didn't treat entry level staff as part of the team"

Economist says

"I worked at Fintrac for more than a year Cons: Very narrow minded in their analysis. No room to try new stuff. Alot of discrimination. It depends on who you are fir your efforts to be recognized. Never make a mistake, you will ne fired."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Fintrac full-time for more than a year Cons: has potential if the head honcho didn't know everything..."


"I worked at Fintrac for more than a year Cons: It was an awkward time for the company--rapid expansion and then a lull in contracts. Management was struggling with it and passed these frustrations on to employees."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Fintrac full-time for more than a year Cons: Lack of career growth and advancement opportunities"


"I worked at Fintrac Cons: LOW PAY, The actual work is not stimulating..boredom will happen, expected to do work afterhours"


"I worked at Fintrac Cons: bureaucracy that comes with any USG-related companies; managers are too technical; lack of career development resources"

Ivan Draganov says

"pending my money. don't use this app"

Mrs Ryan says

"1635324 case number After having a wirex account for some time with great satisfaction unfortunately Wirex serm now to have completely lost all control. They have not replied to any emails regarding the request for a fiat withdrawal after a eth exchange which they were happy to do. Only then once the exchange has taken place they then said they were unable to make the currency transfer out. Yet, I am getting emails promoting their new services including currency withdrawals. Not a good service atm customer support is shocking !!"

Manny Reimi says

"Today was a very important day for me, I woke up early to perform a transaction on Ethereum that I have been waiting with anticipation to do all day. This service has been losing value by the day because it does not provide savings/yield like many other Crypto wallets/accounts these days. Their advantage, according to their pitch, is that they provide great fees ( "OTC rates") and ease in using your money whether Crypto or fiat the way you want to. Well, not today. Today I discovered the real cost in fees and time in getting my money out of their custody. As of half an hour ago, I had been waiting 6 hours — six — to get a withdrawal processed from my Ethereum account with Wirex to an external Ethereum wallet (that I, luckily, control). Just so it happens, I did this same type of transaction this morning on Nexo, a competitor that does give savings but doesn't transfer/swap between different currencies — it took 1 min and it was free. Wirex charged me $26 for the withdrawal. This was a surprise as their website says they don't charge withdrawal fees, only "blockchain fees", which would normally mean they incur some network fees (in this case on Ethereum) and then pass them onto the user. They also provide Etherscan link which is connected to the blockchain so you can see the transaction, completed, pending, or failed. In my case, the Etherscan link I received from them is for a hash that hasn't occurred, which usually means the transaction hasn't been posted or relayed to the network. In the course of 6 hours, I have contacted their customer service 3 times — they all tell me to be patient, to be kind, and to wait. At the same time, their reps cannot tell me (i) why is their fee $26 when the same transaction on Ethereum costs <$2, (ii) why is the transaction not even pending on Etherscan i.e. why it has not even been sent on the network; and (iii) when will this ordeal be over. Their first rep told me I would probably have to wait 2–3 hours. Unfortunately, for me, it has been six. To be fair with them, Ethereum fees are notoriously expensive at this moment. It is possible, surely, that they have some complicated smart contracts logic that was built poorly, without gas efficiency in mind, and that is why it costs 13-15x more to get a transaction to send from their interface to a standard Crypto wallet. Even with this gas fees, a wallet-to-wallet transaction would be <$2. A lot of non-custodial services use smart contracts, which are more expensive, to handle transactions. However, the time it is taking is way above normal. To me, it is indicative of them also using some sort of other logic to stop certain transactions. What I am thinking, is that this could also be something less noble as simple smart contracts not build for these gas prices. It could be that they have issued a directive or policy for the Ethereum gas prices to come down — which would be, plain and simple, a gamble, and thus wrong on so many levels. I feel like they are not valuing my time or what I could be doing with my money if their service was working as expected. Moreover, I am not able to get any peace of mind. Their interface doesn't record my money as being on my account with Wirex and is neither on Etherscan nor, unsurprisingly, on the wallet I am sending it to. Again, their customer service representatives, on three occasions – have not been forthcoming with what the problem might be or how long will it take to resolve."

ngouadjeo rodrigue says

"already 8 days with the account blocked for security reasons. Competent service that you expect will last for days without rules. for someone like me who goes to school without a family here in germany they block everything i spend sleepless days. I think we will have to do everything to get in touch with the founder of this company to find out what is really wrong, maybe he knows nothing. I spend the difficult days in galare. have no idea who trusts even the bank. a bank with cryptocurrency must not show this bad image of digital money. it will have to show the good image of digital currencies. i can't put all my savings into believing in wirex then they let me starve."